PhD in Industrial Administration (Marketing) from the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (2011), Master in Operations Management (2002) and Industrial Engineer (2002), University of Chile.

My research concentrates on developing applied statistical models to describe customer behavior and support decision making. Although I have broad research interests, the focal areas of application of my work are retailing, database marketing, mobile and online marketing. I currently work as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Chile, where I teach undergraduate and MBA classes in marketing models, retailing and channels. I also lead the Center of Retail Studies (CERET) and participate as an Invited Researcher at the Millenium Institute of Market Imperfections and Public Policy (MIPP). 


Published and Accepted Papers

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Working Papers:

• M. Goic, L. Aburto (2021) Category Pricing Optimization using Data Driven Constraints

• M. Goic, R. Montoya and I. Troncoso (2021) Estimating the Breakage Rate of an Airline´s Frequent-flyer program using Individual Level Data.

• M. Goic and C. Saez (2021) How does the growth of online channels affect offline sales for different products and customers?

• M. Goic, J. Guajardo and L. Ma (2019). Firm vs Friends: The Effect of Recommendations in Reaching and Converting Mobile Customers.

• M. Goic, R. Fuenzalida (2019) Enhancing Offline Store Operations with Online Browsing Data.

• M. Goic and J. Guajardo and L. Ma (2019) How Does the Value of Geolocation Information Vary Across the Purchase Funnel?

• N. Aramayo, M. Goic, J. Ni (2019) Heterogeneous Preferences in School Choices: Evidence from Chilean Admission Data with Price Information.

• M. Goic and A. Montgomery (2016) Inferring Competitor Pricing with Incomplete Information.

• A. Montgomery and M. Goic, Making Better Pricing Decisions with Implied Priors (2015).

Book Chapters:

• M. Goic and M. Olivares (2019) Omnichannel Analytics in Operations in an Omnichannel World (Springer Series in Supply Chain Management).

Other Publications (In Spanish):

• M. Bosch, M. Goic and J. Goñi (2006). Promociones: Más que Rebajas de Precios. Trend Management No 8, pp 133-142.

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• R. Epstein, J. Duhart and M. Goic, (2003). Estructura de Clusters e Innovación Tecnológica en Chile Revista de Ingeniería de Sistemas, Vol XVII, No 1.

Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Chile
Beauchef 851, Santiago, Chile